VeriTest Test Maturity Assessment

The VeriTest Test Maturity Assessment (vTMA) tool is designed to help your organization get a bead on the maturity of your testing processes and the organization's compliance with the same. The assessment addresses four Focus Areas: Test Execution, Test Management, Test Organization and Test Improvement.

test_improvement-diagramThese Focus Areas, and twenty Key Process Areas , which revolve around the successful completion of test activities, are applicable to any test organization and any software development life cycle.

vTMA uses a scale of five levels for both process maturity and compliance. These are based on best practices typically seen in the real world. The intent is not to compare your organization’s test processes against Maturity Models such as TMMi®, but to help you achieve the level of maturity and compliance that best suits your organization’s desired outcomes.


Not all organizations need to operate at the highest maturity and compliance levels and the expense of achieving the same may be more costly than it’s worth.

On the other hand, low maturity and compliance will always cost your organization, both in terms of test ROI and a higher risk of releasing bugs to production. 

The assessment includes customized results and analysis, as well as challenges and financial impacts typically faced by organizations at your resulting levels.  It also includes a description of the benefits of achieving each Focus Area's target state. Reports can be generated providing an overview and analysis of your results.  For team based assessment, the results will be averaged, giving you and your team better insight into your organization's test maturity.

A sample vTMA evaluation graph is shown below: