Process Consulting

Process consulting from VeriTest is a result of years of experience on actual test projects with organizations of all sizes and our expertise with various industry standard methodologies and processes. VeriTest is staffed with test experts, technical architects, solution architects and test practitioners who offer deep consulting expertise in test strategy, automation assessment and process optimization.

Test Strategy

We help to refine your test strategy to align with your organizational goals. Whether it is new product development or a migration from a legacy system to a new one, whether there are volumes of data movement or there is a connection with social media or a need for mobility support, we help in ensuring that you've considered all the necessary aspects of testing when defining your strategy.

Automation Assessment

Test Automation can help in reducing regression test efforts but a wrong choice of test tools or scripts to automate brings more pain and increases your cost. VeriTest has spent years on test automation and can help enterprises choose the best test automation tool for their needs as well as define the best strategy for what and how to automate. We study your application ecosystem and your requirements and then map that with the best tool to help in achieving an automation goal that will be cost effective.

Through our innovation center, VeriTest has developed checklists and guidelines to assess the maturity of your existing automation framework and implementations. We provide our recommendations and share best practices which will help in achieving faster ROI in line with your business goals.

Process Advisory

We provide a structured evaluation based on industry standard parameters of the current testing best practices and help to transform quality management. Our approach is to:

  • Assimilate – We assess your test organization, test process, test resources, tools and investments for gaps and risks
  • Relate – We recommend the strategy to overcome the gaps identified and to align your process to industry standards
  • Consolidate - We help you frame your test governance. A step towards reducing cost of quality
  • Disseminate – We help you implement industry best practices, identify the right tools for your product, correctly measure quantifiable numbers and realize your ROI
  • Institutionalize - We help you setup your Testing Center for Excellence to ensure that testing best practices in your organization remain current and can be leveraged by your entire organization

Our online assessment tool "VeriTest Test Maturity Assessment" allows companies to do a quick self assessment of where their internal processes stand and can serve as a starting point for our more extensive process consulting offering.  Read more about our assessment program.