Test Maturity

A true global provider, VeriTest can guide you in your end to end testing journey by providing a structured evaluation of your test processes based on industry standard parameters of the latest testing best practices as well as our own experience in providing testing excellence.

VeriTest Test Maturity Assessment

At VeriTest, we do an assessment of your testing needs through our proven measurement guidelines that are aligned with the vTMM mapping model. Our team of experts analyze the software testing processes that are being used within your organization, and provide specific recommendations for improvement to ensure efficient and consistent quality. In addition to the more formal process assessment, VeriTest offers an online assessment tool to allow companies to do a quick self assessment of where their internal processes stand. Read more about our assessment program.

Process Consulting

From our experiences and learnings through our decades of delivering quality for major ISVs, OEMs, and enterprises, we have been providing process consulting for making software testing the best of breed within organizations. We provide a complete assessment and guidance that will help fine tune your existing testing processes which leads to reduced total cost of quality.

Learn more about our process consulting approach