Other Specialized Testing Services

Be it third party product certifications or compatibility testing or usability testing, we offer high quality specialized testing services to a wide range of clients.

Product Certification

VeriTest is the leading manager of third-party solution certification programs for major technology platforms around the globe. Our end-to-end technology certification programs are designed to help participants advance in the field of organization development, provide certification marketing support, develop test tools and resources, and execute and administer test programs which help independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators achieve certification as quickly and smoothly as possible. This creates a valuable benefit that can be applied immediately to the organization. Click here to read more.

In-Country Testing

When you launch a product outside of your home turf, you need to be sure it’s gointo work just as well in Hong Kong as it does in Hoboken. OSTS-Image 

Our worldwide team of over 100,000 in-market testers provide local testing in over 100 countries. We can make sure your apps look great in Albania and your printers work perfectly in Paris. And we can do it all for you simultaneously, around the world, through a unified dashboard with fewer touch points and a faster, smoother experience.

1. Real-time Community Feedback enables faster testing and reviews
2. Global in-country product and service feedback enables increased in-market consumer relevance

Compatibility & Interoperability Testing

VeriTest provides expert consultation on defining and testing compatibility issues. We offer comprehensive compatibility testing services that can be performed across a variety of operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, and hardware; across different configurations and different display resolutions. Our compatibility testing services can build a configuration matrix and methodology to identify the optimum number of combinations for your application to ensure the maximum benefit from limited testing cycles. Additionally we offer a compatibility test plan outlining the necessary tests to be performed as part of our test consulting. VeriTest has a wide range of experience in testing Enterprise Level applications on Windows and Mac System/Browser combinations through parallel execution to attain maximum coverage in optimal time.

Usability Testing & Live Test

Websites are the gateways to the world for a company’s business. Intuitiveness, easy navigation and usability are the features customers look for in a website. VeriTest brings you certified usability testing experts who test your websites for consistency, flow, performance, accessibility, and visual clarity and who can ensure that the navigation features such as hyperlinks take you to the intended destination in the website thus making the customer’s experience thrilling and also ensures they come back for business.

Content Testing

Content communicates – Th effectiveness of content is as important as the design of the application, Content might need to engage, influence, or support decisions and it can be critical to identify how content works for your targeted users. Our global team of expert content testers ensures content on your web site or online training modules is effective and delivers the message intended in every language that you need.

Infrastructure Testing

As your business grows, so does your business infrastructure. Managing your infrastructure can get cumbersome for your business if not tested well enough. With increasing business needs, you want your infrastructure to scale up and work seamlessly. VeriTest test engineers alleviate your concerns by managing the testing for your infrastructure and ensuring that it works flawlessly at all times.

Compliance Testing

VeriTest’s Compliance Testing Services empower organizations to achieve conformance across the entire IT landscape (Information, Applications, Databases, and Infrastructure) and build customer trust without huge technology investments. It also ensures a firm is following the rules and regulations (prescribed by its internal authority or control systems) applicable to an activity or practice. VeriTest uses best practices in Privileged Accounts Management; Centralized Security Management; Sensitive Information Sharing; and Data Destruction Policies. We use our approach to identify business challenges and improve data protection and privacy responsiveness to business needs.