Localization & Internationalization

Localization Testing

Lionbridge is one of the premier software localization providers in the market. Our decades of experience in providing localization services has resulted in a high degree of focus on ensuring the quality of the localization work. When user interface elements are translated, the next step in the localization process is to test the software for language accuracy and functionality. VeriTest has native speakers who test the linguistics to make sure that the language reads properly and is true to the intent. Cosmetic testing is done to identify any problems with the visuals or the layout of the application. Functionality testing is performed to confirm that the target language product displays and behaves just as the source language did across multiple operating systems and browsers.

Internationalization Testing

Before your software can be localized, it must undergo a specialized internationalization process that readies it for other language versions without changing the core application. Lionbridge has a long history of providing internationalization services, helping companies expedite the release of high-performance software in multiple languages and markets. That work extends to our internationalization testing practice which focuses on uncovering functional issues related to the internationalization work. We test to ensure that the product was correctly modified to work under different languages and regional settings such as displaying the correct numbering format or accented characters and the ability to run on non-English operating systems. We also include sample localization testing to identify potential localization concerns on the user interface.