Crowd Testing – How it Works

VeriTest CrowdTest extends the existing managed testing services model and what we get is managed crowd testing services where we manage the entire testing process based on your requirements. Our panel of test experts works with you to understand your requirements, design a test plan to thoroughly test your application and then helps the crowd testers in testing your applications. The VeriTest internal team analyses the results and defects and works in unison with the crowd testers and you to make your applications bug free. Throughout the entire process, metrics are gathered and tracked to show how much testing has been completed and how much of the application has been tested. It’s always an advantage for you as you just give your requirements and relax and let VeriTest test for you.

We help you to Stay in Control of your program through:

  • Our Managed CrowdTest which offers you a crowd of highly skilled software testers ready to provide their services using the platform, environment, and the language that you want
  • Ensuring that all testers working in collaboration with VeriTest sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your intellectual property
  • A test team who develops a test plan and test cases for your product, trains the testers on your product and test requirements. The internal team also manages the entire test cycle once the project starts, ensuring you get quality results in a short span of time
  • Our focus on controlling and ensuring quality at every step of the testing life cycle
  • Our knowledge of who the testers are and our ability to track their performance and quality at all times

To learn more about how long Lionbridge has been engaged in crowdsourcing in general and how we use it in all of our businesses, go here.