Crowd Testing

The use of applications in today’s world is dependent on the constantly growing assortment of desktop/mobile platforms, OS versions, and languages. Therefore it is becoming crucial to develop applications that run perfectly on any platform, operating system and language, and anywhere in the world. That means that these applications need to be tested on all of these platforms to allow the users seamless access to their apps. The goal is to ensure that these applications are tested quickly while ensuring maximum test coverage, not just of the application itself, but of the application in relation to its environment.

The success of crowd testing depends not only on a crowd that is composed out of a large group of diverse people, across different backgrounds, skills, regions and languages but upon the rigor of the testing process that these individuals use to test the product. VeriTest brings to you a crowd testing practice which engages testers based on unique skills, domain background, demographics and available test equipment. Our processes allow us to organize tests swiftly, and help us design, execute and deliver tests in the shortest time span, providing the rigor of a managed test service with the benefits of using a crowd.

How it Works

While some vendors offer a wild version of crowd testing with large numbers of testers randomly testing an application in search of the most defects, VeriTest believes that this method does not provide you the assurance of quality that you need to confidently roll out your application. Under this method, you can have 90% of your testers testing 50% of your application with very little focus being given to the rest. VeriTest’s CrowdTest offering provides a unique delivery model which blends managed test service benefits while delivering services through the crowd. This model ensures the highest levels of governance in a diversified and distributed work scenario.

VeriTest commits to a high degree of engagement and interaction with the crowd with 24/7 dedicated support centers established specifically to ensure the success of this model. Learn more about our CrowdTest delivery model.


VeriTest CrowdTest gives you all the rigor of outsourced testing with the flexibility of the crowd. Our crowd testing solution enables you to have test professionals available on demand, specific to the duration of your requirement with no unnecessary overhead. Your software is tested in a diversified environment in the real world versus lab conditions. CrowdTest offers you:


          • Scalability – Based on your needs of ramping up or down, VeriTest CrowdTest service lets you have access to testing experts on demand
          • Global Talent - VeriTest CrowdTest provides you access to a large, diversified global pool of talent seamlessly suited to your requirements, letting you expand your reach
          • Productivity - Increased throughput within a set timeframe with larger teams, parallel testing and 24/7 coverage
          • Enhanced Quality – VeriTest enrolls qualified crowd testers equipped with all possible devices and platforms, ensuring your product is tested in real-world scenarios. While other models focus on wild testing, VeriTest CrowdTest ensures comprehensive test coverage and a greater assurance of quality

Read more about CrowdTest benefits.