Specialized Testing

Today applications can be accessed from multiple channels with the expectation that they all work the same way and all support the local language for the user's market. This makes it very important to arrive at the right portfolio of test solutions to ensure the quality of your product. Our specialized test services help you with global mobility testing, localization testing, crowd testing, in-country testing and more.

Global Mobility Testing

VeriTest has developed a unique solution providing Global Mobility Testing as a Managed Service. We provide a one stop shop approach for your global mobile roll outs using in-house experts and Lionbridge Crowdsourced testing from in country native users. Our proven methodologies provide you with a unified approach for your mobile and enterprise application testing through our in house mobility lab and as well as relationships with Global Mobile cloud providers. We help you in addressing testing challenges with evolving mobile technologies and platforms (mobile device specific interactions such as touch sensitivity, camera etc., multiple form factors, OSs and device capabilities of smart phones and tablets), market specific localization and network integration. Learn more

Localization & Internationalization

While testing an application or product for any country, region or locale, it is important to not only ensure that the standards for localization and internationalization are followed but also to make sure that the functionality of the product is not impacted, and that the product is relevant to the market. VeriTest has extensive experience in ensuring that a product is fully localized, the GUI is fully customized and that the functionality is robust. Read more about our Localization & Internationalization Services

Crowd Testing

VeriTest’s crowd testing solution enables you to have test professionals available on demand, specific to the duration of your requirement. Your software is tested in a diversified environment exactly how it would be used by the end users. CrowdTest from VeriTest provides a structured process combining the agility of exploratory testing and the discipline of outsourced testing. VeriTest’s CrowdTest provides a unique delivery model which blends the discipline and rigor of a managed test service with the advantages of delivering services through the crowd. Read more about our CrowdTest delivery model and the benefits we offer.

Application Development and Maintenance

While VeriTest’s roots are in testing, our focus on quality has expanded into application development and maintenance, where we have a developed a substantial practice helping clients to develop and maintain their business critical applications and core products. We offer services ranging from initial Product Planning all the way to Sustaining Engineering across a wide variety of technologies and platforms from J2EE to .Net and from the mainframe to mobile. Click here to learn more about of development expertise.

Other Specialized Test Services

VeriTest's spectrum of specialized testing services is broad and expansive. Our extensive experience catering to global roll outs help you with more specialized services like Compatibility & Interoperability testing, Content testing, Usability & Live test. And the VeriTest service of Lionbridge is the best known name in Product Certification testing. Click here to learn more.