Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

VeriTest has helped over 30,000 ISVs meet the quality standards of the industry. With ISVs and web companies needing to ensure high levels of performance and security, VeriTest’s end-to-end product engineering capabilities support enterprise and consumer software vendors in accelerating product development, testing and customization of application platforms. With a huge repository of re-usable artifacts and a high level of understanding of different methodologies, VeriTest is able to provide tailor made testing solutions to its partners. Its approach to testing is not limited to standardizing QA practices but is also effective in reducing costs through strategic automation solutions and in eliminating skill shortages, thereby enabling ISVs to focus on core features and enhancements.

Mobile Devices and Applications

Mobile devices are complex instruments and their test needs are complicated and require the consideration of a wide range of combinations in terms of carriers, devices and languages. From local to global markets, we provide field testing and crowd support in over 100 countries and offer a full suite of test services to meet your mobile testing needs.

Mobile Device Testing covers the entire eco-system of a mobile device ranging from the chipset to all the features. We understand varied platform and usage patterns for the global audience and our tests are designed to ensure a seamless user experience. We analyze your business needs and develop the required tests for your mobile devices.

  • Field testing
    Field Testing covers the network, functional & end user stages of the mobile lifecycle. We understand the local markets and end-user usage patterns around the globe. Our field tests are designed and executed to ensure that all call, messaging, and other communication features work properly to provide a smooth experience to the end-user in varied conditions.
  • Carrier validation and acceptance testing
    Carrier testing takes care of network validation and acceptance parameters specific to each region and market covering network protocols such 2G, 2.5G, 3G, & 4G/LTE. We understand local carrier acceptance parameters around the world and can ensure that your devices are compliant and accepted in the local markets

Storage Solutions

With rapidly growing business and ever expanding data needs, it becomes important that all your storage devices, their firmware and software are fully functional and tested. VeriTest ensures freedom from your worries around data loss and data unavailability with complete functional and non-functional testing for all your storage needs.

VeriTest’s capabilities in Storage Testing encompass the various facets of testing such as:

  • Storage Devices – VeriTest has vast experience in testing various storage devices ranging from the ones used by small and medium businesses to large enterprises. This includes physical tape based solutions and disk based solutions.
  • Servers – Our experts offer you functional and non-functional testing on a wide range of servers across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, HPUX, Solaris and AIX.
  • Networking – With businesses continuing to expand, the networks around the world are becoming more and more complex. In order to transmit and save huge amounts of data, you need your networks to be capable of handling the traffic and staying connected seamlessly. VeriTest brings to you the testing expertise for all your storage needs.
  • Applications- All storage devices and their peripherals are supplemented by many applications which are critical to the functioning of these devices. VeriTest provides functional and non-functional testing of your applications and thus makes your devices and peripherals more robust.
  • Storage Topologies – It is one thing to have a storage device, servers, a network and the applications necessary to control these and it’s another to have them integrated based on your business needs and configured to avoid any data loss or data unavailability. These devices and systems can be connected in various ways to suit your business. We, at VeriTest, have the expertise to recommend and test the proper topology based on your specific business needs.

Printing and Imaging

VeriTest has extensive experience in testing high-tech printers and imaging devices. With our testing expertise, and a sound knowledge of the hardware, software and firmware involved with these devices, we carry out functional, system and integration testing of printers including firmware upgrades.

Additionally, VeriTest has an exhaustive knowledge in testing the network of high-end printing devices through device management systems and thereby managing supplies, peripherals and configurations. VeriTest is equipped with the capability of setting up state of the art test labs meeting customer needs which in turn facilitates minimum testing turnaround times and maximum expected output.