With some game titles costing hundreds of millions to produce and achieving revenues of over $1 billion in their first week, it has become critical for game publishers to get it right the first time and provide an enjoyable consistent experience for their gamers from the first day of release through to ongoing playing through downloadable content and post-release updates. The importance of games testing in ensuring a quality experience cannot be overstated.

Testers need to have the passion of gamers and the rigor of professional testers, capable of finding, re-creating, and documenting defects that might impact the success of a game. And the complexities of testing expand exponentially when dealing with the requirement to test in multiple languages and address stringent IP protection concerns.

VeriTest's Games Testing Practice is well positioned to align a number of our services to the Games business both for Packaged Products and Games As Service. With our secure, dedicated testing facilities and our ability to leverage the broader Lionbridge capabilities we can provide:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Translation & Linguistic QA
  3. Voice Over Production
  4. Community Management

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