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Shrinking release cycles combined with growing business needs and demands make it challenging to achieve the desired level of test coverage for every release. With its experience in testing thousands of applications, VeriTest has the expertise to help you to determine what works and what doesn't for automation. Our automation team practices an Acceptance based automation approach which leads to higher quality and lower maintenance efforts, a key source of cost overruns in typical automation initiatives. Our VeriTestAF framework, a well-designed and componentized test automation solution, helps to achieve the desired test coverage within the release timelines. With a robust foundation built on industry standard test tools and custom-built re-usable components, processes and methodologies, VeriTestAF has delivered automated regression suites that execute tens of thousands of test automation scripts overnight in an unattended fashion.

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VeriTest delivers a wide range of services across automation consulting & engineering.

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Our Automation framework solution, VeriTestAF, accelerates the testing cycle and promotes software quality. It serves as a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to optimize  software quality, speed time-to-market and enhance ROI. Our framework is highly adaptable, reliable and robust enough to cope with ever changing business requirements, and provides broad technology support. Our pre-built accelerators enable a 15-20% upfront cost & time savings and also eliminate the necessity of creating automation components from scratch. Click on the video to learn more about VeriTestAF.

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