Performance Testing

VeriTest has been conducting performance and scalability testing since 1987 and has evolved solutions based on industry standard tools to meet your expectations and requirements. Our experience and solutions help you with:

      • Reducing the cost and complexity of performance testing,
      • Benchmarking initiatives on a broad range of technology stacks
      • Stressing your application and environment to help identify performance bottlenecks before they impact your users
      • Providing detailed, actionable reports that highlight areas for improvement and optimization
      • Providing select performance engineering solutions to address bottlenecks.

Our performance testing CoE has a repertoire of ready-to-use testing processes, frameworks, methodologies and hybrid solutions to help jump start performance test engagements and deliver a wide range of services across the performance testing spectrum.



Our cloud hosted performance framework solution VeriTestPF is highly flexible and seamlessly integrates with open source performance test tools to provide functionality that rivals the top commercial tools but with no licensing cost. It delivers enhanced results and detailed reports with a quick turnaround time, resulting in savings of up to 25-30% in the end to end performance test life cycle. It provides efficient solutions to overcome the challenges of performance testing in a complex environment and ensures applications and systems are thoroughly tested for performance without compromising on quality.

VeriTestPF - A value driven, simple to use performance testing solution.

Up until now, opting between a commercial performance testing tool for it's rich features or an open source tool for it’s flexibility required compromise…What if you could get the best of both worlds? It’s VeriPossible, with VeriTestPF.

Key Capabilities:

  • The VeriTestPF user interface with real time and offline graphs provides a high degree of flexibility in generating reports for test runs.
      • Dynamic graph generation across key counters aids in analysis and performance bottleneck identification
      • A centralized data repository for all test runs helps to generate comparison graphs for multiple counters between runs allowing users to see how application or environment changes impacted the system performance
  • The VeriTestPF user interface enables easy definition of load pattern configurations and allows non-technical personnel to kick start load execution
  • The VeriTestPF solution provides scalability equivalent to commercial tools in providing an end to end solution on load testing.