Functional Testing

VeriTest provides a complete suite of manual functional testing services, delivered throughout the Software Development Life Cycle, assuring clients of software applications with defect-free operation in compliance with all functional requirements. VeriTest functional testing is built on strong test processes, methodologies, test management framework, and accelerators that provide high quality and reliability of systems and reduces software testing cost. In today’s challenging environment with growing business demands, VeriTest’s Risk Based Testing approach, Requirements Traceability based coverage, Ready to use templates, and Knowledge Management Dashboard provide effective methods to improve test quality thereby minimizing defect leakage and increasing productivity by at least 10% Year-on-Year.

At VeriTest, we also perform exploratory testing as a way to achieve wider coverage of the application’s functional behavior, using logical analysis in conjunction with a test case driven approach to achieve optimal test coverage in a limited testing timeframe. And once the initial stage of functional testing is complete, regression testing ensures that defect corrections and enhancements made to the software application have not adversely affected its key functional areas.


Our technology solution VeriTestFTS is an interface with common test management tools to help in improving test efficiency. VeriTestFTS' interface helps our test engineers to create, review and execute test cases with changes reflected in the test management tool in real time. Test engineers benefit by reducing connectivity and bandwidth issues in connecting to the test management tool as they produce and update their work on local machines, thus bringing higher productivity and faster turnaround time.