Quality is about building a reliable and trusted platform that assures continued partnership between stakeholders and goes beyond defects and issues. Quality requires recognition of and adaptation to changing business needs and customer preferences and strengthening people, processes, practices and methodologies without compromising the benchmark.

As a division of Lionbridge, VeriTest provides a proven approach to managing end-to-end testing needs, starting from test strategy consulting & assessment, extending to test design, execution & metrics tracking and all the way through to building high-throughput managed service test delivery teams spread across the globe and in the crowd. With a presence in 24 countries, 7 dedicated test delivery centers and crowd testers in over 100 countries, we provide a complete line of testing services, including authorized testing for many of the leading Software Product Certification programs. With over 26 years working on mission critical applications over an unparalleled breadth of testing services, our success stories are our clients, ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.